Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Minggu-an :)

sudah berada di Kelana Jaya almost for a week.and its a boringness week I ever had.
ni semua gara-gara tetttttt !
I have being warned by my parent not to go out.
haishh.pity me.
by this age they still control my life. sighh :(
but for a reason,I know they are worried about me.
as a daughter,I shud understand thier feeling.
but the sadness part is,cant meet my buah hati :( 
a day without seeing his smile is like a day without sun and moon.
 xpe la,ngedate kat SKYPE pon jadi la kn sayang )

btw,Congrats to my cousin,Rafidah Roslan and his partner,Dein for their wedding.
this is a reason why I am here and still not back to Kedah.
This Saturday kenduri belah husband dia at Kuantan.

To Dein,welcome to our family :)

 pengantin yg comel :)

 someday.who knew.insyaallah :)

 big family :)

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