Monday, 20 June 2011

many many things

1st , nak dedicated to my beloved father
thank for being such a nice , great and beloved father to me abah
eventho ,
I always create da problem , you always beside me to give me support and strenght
Many of my friends said , I am so lucky to have abah like you . a very sporting abah .
Thank for what abah have given to me .
Thank for evryting abah .

noting to say.

NANA sayang ABAH so much . i love you abah :)

this picture taken on 2006 , on his birthday :)

2nd , the interview with MAS (Malaysian Airlines) is done.
Thank to those who support , wish and pray for me.

A big thank to my friend / bestfriend / boyfriend 

Thank for Thursday , u fetch me , mama and adik at Duta Station
Thank for Friday for a session with me and adik at Sunway Pyramid
Thank for Saturday , for joining us with makan makan 
Thank fro Sunday , for buying us a food
Thank for Monday , a very lovely dating day .
Thank you so much Aizat.

saranghae , My Man <3
goin back Sungai Petani today 
tomorrow got interview , again :)
wish me luck , again  :)

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